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Houston’s Honey­Lime Vinaigrette By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Salad Dressing
Calories: 102
Cook Time: 5 minutes

This 38­-unit casual dining chain may be small compared to many of the other chains whose food I’ve cloned, but Houston’s has a huge following of loyal customers throughout the country. I know this because for many years the restaurant sat at the top of my “most requested clones” list. I was finally ready to take on the challenge, but since there are no Houston’s where I live in Las Vegas, it required a road trip ­­ this time to Orange County, California. A couple plane rides, a bit of driving, some walking and a stumble or two later, I had a cooler full of Houston’s goodies secured safely back at the underground lab. After a few hours of chopping and mixing this simple sweet-and­-sour salad slather from Houston’s was cracked. Continue reading Houston’s Honey­Lime Vinaigrette By Todd Wilbur


Popular and Effective Methods of How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Learning how to stop smoking cigarettes can be a daunting task.  Everywhere you go you see another solid promise of guaranteed methods to help you learn how to stop smoking cigarettes.  While there is no cure in the world which is going to help you quit smoking unless you truly want to, there are methods of quitting smoking which have shown some success in finally breaking free of tobacco addiction. Continue reading Popular and Effective Methods of How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Importance of Health and fitness

The simple term Health and Fitness covers wide aspects ranging from physical health and fitness to mental health. It also represents the overall appearance of an individual, where any individual who is healthy with fit body undoubtedly attracts the attention of the crowd. Further, health and fitness are interrelated with each other, where the fit body facilitates good health and vice versa. Continue reading Importance of Health and fitness

Family health plans – a necessary lifeline

Nothing comes prior to a sound and healthy family. We all crave to provide the best for our families. Their wellbeing is the key to our satisfaction and is always on the top of our mind. The context in which an individual lives is of great importance for his health status and quality of life. Medical science is making a consequential success in field of medicine and yet the life expectancy of people is gradually degrading, giving rise to death rate and scope to various diseases in early age due to modern era’s prevailing lifestyle. Everyone seeks a solution and changes that would lead to better and healthier life and it would be very comforting if we have access to all those methods of health care.

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Health and Beauty – a treasure of life

Health & Beauty are the greatest treasure of one’s life. Sound health is base of beauty. Although, the appealing outlook can be attained through make up but the natural beauty cannot. Real beauty comes in package if health is good. Health & beauty goes parallel. Health denotes the all over well being in terms of physique, mind and social behavior whereas beauty refers to the appealing outlook of any one.

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How to Grow Taller – 3 Things You Need to Know

Being tall is something that most people take for granted. If you were born with the short gene and you had to struggle your way through school with always being the shortie then you know what I am talking about. Part of the problem is simply that the media and popular culture has tagged being tall as being attractive. Continue reading How to Grow Taller – 3 Things You Need to Know