Popular and Effective Methods of How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Learning how to stop smoking cigarettes can be a daunting task.  Everywhere you go you see another solid promise of guaranteed methods to help you learn how to stop smoking cigarettes.  While there is no cure in the world which is going to help you quit smoking unless you truly want to, there are methods of quitting smoking which have shown some success in finally breaking free of tobacco addiction.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are great practices to adopt if you are interested in teaching yourself how to quit smoking.  Here is the reality of cigarettes: Most of the toxins escape your body within the first 8 hours.  That means if you quit smoking in the evening and get at least 8 hours of sleep you will have won a significant portion of the battle.

The next trick is to brush your teeth immediately upon awakening and get started your beginning yoga poses as soon as you’re done.  Yoga will not only help you get your blood flowing and sweat out more toxins, it will also prepare you for a more effective meditation session.  Meditation is a time for emotional and physical relaxation and spiritual guidance.  Becoming one with the Universe will undoubtedly help your mission to learn how to smoke cigarettes and be a non-smoker.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are the best stop smoking aids available, because they offer as much of a cigarette smoking experience as possible.  The contents of electronic cigarettes are:  Nicotine, propylene glycol, a heating element, and a battery.  Using electronic cigarettes to finally realize how to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes, you can gradually decrease the amount of nicotine your smoking until you are free of nicotine addiction.


Hypnotherapy is a popular method when you can’t figure out how to stop smoking cigarettes.  Hypnosis works by a trained hypnotherapist guiding you into your subconscious mind so that your core beliefs may be realized.  If you believe, for example, “I’m never going to learn how to stop smoking cigarettes;” hypnosis will offer a series of suggestions to make you think differently…To make you believe it’s possible for you to quit smoking.

Hypnosis generally takes a few sessions for complete recovery, although you may experience success not smoking after the first time.  To increase your chances of quitting smoking after your first hypnosis session, remove all paraphernalia from your house and car.  Empty all ashtrays and either place them somewhere out of sight, throw them away, or give them to a friend who still insists on smoking.  Do the same with your lighters and anything else which you use for smoking cigarettes.  Make sure to return for another session of hypnosis or two (2) to solidify your recovery from nicotine addiction.

Emotional Freedom

Emotional freedom is a primary method of how to stop smoking cigarettes; as it forces you to deal with pain, suffering, anger, etc which you’ve been bottling up inside for however many number of years – perhaps since childhood.  The emotional aspect of any addiction – including nicotine – is huge.  We smoke to brush away stress, we smoke when we’re sad to stop the tears, we smoke when we are excited to ‘celebrate’ the occasion…We smoke for any reason because we’re addicted!

To focus on the emotional aspect of recovery from nicotine addiction, you need to create a recovery track list to not only keep track of your cravings, but to investigate your emotions so you can finally eradicate your emotional need for cigarettes.

You CAN learn how to stop smoking cigarettes; you just need to find the right outlet to help you quit smoking for good.


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