Importance of Health and fitness

The simple term Health and Fitness covers wide aspects ranging from physical health and fitness to mental health. It also represents the overall appearance of an individual, where any individual who is healthy with fit body undoubtedly attracts the attention of the crowd. Further, health and fitness are interrelated with each other, where the fit body facilitates good health and vice versa.

The increasing awareness about diseases and health conditions caused due to overweight, obesity, poor food habits and improper lifestyle has moved the people towards adapting something towards maintaining good health and physically fit body. From celebrities to elderly people, everyone is striving to maintain good health and fitness.

Being a wider concept, different approaches are available to attain the goal of health and fitness. Physical fitness can be achieved by physical activities, exercise and workouts and the healthy body can be achieved by following healthy and balanced diet blended with good lifestyle habits.

Health represents the overall health and wellbeing of an individual ranging from skin care, immunity, bone health, muscles, effective functioning of different parts of the body like central nervous system, digestive system, etc.

Earlier, the term fitness referred to the ability of an individual to carry out everyday routines and activities without getting exhausted. However, lately, the term fitness refers to the healthy body of the individuals that is capable of doing the work effectively, resist and prevent developing diseases, etc.

Physical fitness can be classified into two types, namely general or overall fitness and specific fitness. The former is associated with health and wellbeing, where the later is associated with developing fitness for performing specific task like sports activities, body building etc.

A lot of fitness centers equipped with latest and advanced fitness equipment have been emerged to assist the people who are keen in developing their health and fitness. The fitness experts’ offers tailor made fitness program or schedule based on the needs of individuals.

Health and fitness goals vary with each other.

  • The one who is overweight or suffer from obesity ultimately have the desire to shed weight to get good health.
  • For a celebrity, it means the slim, toned and sculpted body with glowing skin.
  • Sportsmen or athletes need physical fitness to carry out the heavy and intense workouts.
  • Pregnant women need extremely good health condition to deliver healthy baby.
  • Diabetic people need to maintain their physical fitness to reduce the blood sugar levels
  • People recover from any severe health condition need to follow highly nutritious diet

To achieve the goals of health and fitness, different types of diet plans are available and the internet is almost flooded with the range of diet plans facilitating good health and fitness.

Proper diet including nutritious food and drinks, minimal exercises, physical activities, good hygiene and good life style habits is the ultimate resort to health and fitness regime.


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